Ben 10 Sky Battle game

Ben 10 Sky Battle
The evil Aggregor returns with his evil robot army and its up to our hero Ben10 to save the world in a huge sky battle!
Ben10 Fireman
Ben10 Fireman In Ben 10 Fireman, you must turn into Heatblast and carefully take aim to destroy each monster before its too late! Shoot down each enemy by bouncing fireballs of walls, obstacles, boxes and more!
Ben 10 The Way of Power
Ben 10 The Way of Power Help Ben rescuing Julie, who's been kidnapped by Lord Highbreed. In order to succeed, make a path of platforms that leads Ben to his destiny, avoiding obstacles, and not falling into the void.
Ben 10 Ultimatrix Unleashed
Ben 10 Ultimatrix Unleashed Ultimate Spider monkey has super strength, and also loose super agilidade sticky webs of her mouth to keep opponents arrested. But the Ultimate Humungousaur is bigger and stronger than the original, can fire projectiles from his hands.
Ben 10 Super Pilot
Ben 10 Super Pilot Control his rocket to jump from platform to platform, get to the last platform of each world to continue to the exit.
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