Dora Star Catching 2 game

Dora Star Catching 2
Help Dora by becoming a star catcher! Click on the stars and drop them inside the pocket that matches in color. But keep an eye on the colors as they play. They change every few seconds.
Dora Super Silly Dressup
Dora Super Silly Dressup Dora and Diego will go to a super silly party. Help them design some silly costumes. For this use the super silly costume maker and start combining the pieces. Click on the items from the right menu to choose your pieces.
Dora Memory
Dora Memory Help her by clicking in search of pairs. Get one wrong? Memorize its position so you can use it during the next play. Once you find all matches, she'll reveal a picture hidden behind the cards.
Dora Isa Garden
Dora Isa Garden Follow the path of friendly flowers and click on the right flower to keep Dora walking in the correct direction. Watch out for the butterflies and jumping goldfish along the way. They will slow Dora down. If you find Isa, you will also get a printable price.
Find Objects With Dora
Find Objects With Dora Dora is up to a new adventure and this time is all about hiding and seeking or better said, finding the objects she is asking. Have some fun with Dora, pay attention to the items she tells you to find and get them to succeed.You can even upload your photo if you'd like so that next to her is you!
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