Ben10 And Generator Rex Heroes United game

Ben10 And Generator Rex Heroes United
Arrow keys to control your players, and S, Z, X, C keys are using. To use the E and L keys to jump. Of special forces to press the desired keys in the game for you to use a super actionlarý shown.
Ben 10 Chase Down
Ben 10 Chase Down Arrow keys - To drive. Space bar - To shoot the enemies. Ben 10 Chase Down is new target based game from Ben 10..Here the target is to chase the Aliens and smash them with your weapons. Watch your health bar. All the best!
Ben10 Extreme Truck
Ben10 Extreme Truck Drive a monster truck as Ben 10 and collect points to unlock other characters. Avoid bats and other monsters in your path to preserve health.
SpongeBob Nick Dodgers
SpongeBob Nick Dodgers In this entertaining sports game you will be playing a little game of Dodge-ball with SpongeBob and his team. You must jump to avoid getting hit and when your team collects balls you can throw them at the opponents. Make sure to use the special balls for added damage, freeze bonus or stuns.
SpongeBob RoboShot
SpongeBob RoboShot In this fun aiming and throwing game you are playing SpongeBob Squarepants and has managed to get himself trapped inside the belly of a huge robot. He wants to destroy it from the inside out messing up his circuits. He only has a limited amount of wrenches he can throw but you will be able to complete each level.
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