Astro Boy Blast

Astro Boy Blast
Blast the bots before your lives run out. absorb the powerful blue cores to get a more powerful weapon.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Master splinter has been kidnapped! Go to Shredders lair, defeat him and rescue splinter. Collect the destabilizer pieces at the end of each level to gain access to the lair. Space bar- Attack. Shift key- Block. CTRL key Switch Turtle.
TMNT Double Damage
TMNT Double Damage Attack the foot clan soldiers as a TMNT. Call in special attacks with help from your friends.
Aquaman Defender Of Atlantis
Aquaman Defender Of Atlantis Aquaman needs you! Help Aquaman defend Atlantis from the evil forces of Black Manta.
Iron Man Armored Justice
Iron Man Armored Justice Fight evil drones and defeat Mandarin to serve justice in this new Iron Man game. Move with arrow keys, Spacebar to shoot, Z for missile and X for Uni-Beam
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