Chaos Games

SpongeBob Camping Chaos
SpongeBob Camping Chaos In this fun SpongeBob game, he and his best friends Patrick and SquidWard went camping, but they disturbed the sea creatures called water bears and now you must protect them. Draw protecting circles around them and collect marsh-mellows in order to keep them safe from the big nasty creatures.
Batman Heat of the Night
Batman Heat of the Night Chaos looms. Space pirate Kanjar Ro has created a device known as a "Thermotron" to accelerate global warming and ransom the Earth! Green Arrow has been investigating but is now caught! It is up to Batman to rescue Green Arrow so that, together, they can take down Kanjar Ro before it is too late.
Roadkill Revenge
Roadkill Revenge Your task in this funny destruction game is to help the furry animals to take vengeance for their rodent friend which was run over by a human. After the game is load click "PLAY" button. Then select a level. Use a special made animal car to take revenge on road kills by crashing as much human vehicles as you can. Blow up cars, trains, F16's and missile trucks through 45 levels of chaos and big explosions. Use your "MOUSE" to position your revenge car in the launching area and click left mouse button to place your car. Then move your mouse to set direction and click again to launch your car into traffic.
Chaos Racer
Chaos Racer Drag and create objects to solve puzzles and help your truck reach the exit.
Jimmy and Timmy Power Hour 2 Co Pilot Chaos
Jimmy and Timmy Power Hour 2 Co Pilot Chaos Arrow Keys - Move. B - Fire Punch Device. Spacebar - Drop some heavy junk.
Congestion Chaos
Congestion Chaos Drive your van into the flashing circles to complete deliveries and increase your score. Avoid cameras and other cards to keep your attentionometer down. Too much attention and your van will be impounded and crushed.
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