Defense Games

Ben10 Forever Defense
Ben10 Forever DefenseUnleash the powers of Ben, Gwen and Kevin to fight off the Forever Knights.
Transformers Robot War
Transformers Robot WarEvil robot intrude into earth and transformers home.Help transformer hero to defense them!
Hulk Rumble Defense
Hulk Rumble DefenseHulk Rumble Defense is a mini-game in which you will get in to the green skin of this giant hero, while he is facing lots of enemies attacking the main base of operations of SHIELD. Destroy as much enemies as you can while holding the position. Unlock new movements and smash anyone that gets in Hulk way. Use the Arrow keys to move Hulk. Use Z,X,C,and V to use the different attacks. Press Spacebar when ready for an Special Power Attack.
Iron Man 2 Stark Tower Defense
Iron Man 2 Stark Tower DefenseIron man tower defense game. Help Iron Man and his friends to defend Stark tower. Place the superheroes strategically around the city on the rooftops. Shoot those enemies with all you got. As you earn money for each enemy destroyed, use it to upgrade your heroes weapons.
SpongeBob Robot Ruckus
SpongeBob Robot RuckusThis time Plankton is after Sandy. She is in a desperate need of your help to defend herself from al the blue robots. Also from time to time the red robots will come out and they are much more dangerous but their defense is still low, so a well placed horse shoe will take care of any threat from Plankton.
SpongeBob 3D Powerkart
SpongeBob 3D PowerkartIn this racing game you will choose your character and your kart. After that you must get to the track and defeat the other opponents. Collect the bubbles for your defense and make sure to use them at the right time. Finish all the laps as fast as you can in order to end the race in the pole position.
Bleach Versus
Bleach VersusWarfare, computer and computer play against).Player 1: WASD control character movement, G attack, F Defense, T skills in attack.Player. Click versus mode button to enter the game, click on the blue button to select the lower right game
Transformers Robo Revolt
Transformers Robo RevoltFight your way against waves of attacking robots in this action side scroll shooter game.
SpongeBob Kah Rah Tay Contest
SpongeBob Kah Rah Tay ContestSpongeBob and Sandy are practicing a new style of martial arts called Kah Rah Tay. Each one claims that he is the best but you are the ones that holds the answer. Click on them and sneak attacks through their defense.
One Piece Tower Defense
One Piece Tower DefenseIt’s a hero tower defense mode, unlike the traditional ones.Place heroes next to the road to shoot at the rats.Purchase more heroes towers that you can afford.Upgrade towers by clicking on them after they’ve been placed.
Bakugan The Final Brawl
Bakugan The Final BrawlTrain with your Bakugan friends and get ready for the final brawl against masquerade. Combine attacks with cards strategically to win. Use the mouse to select the cards and then attack or defense.
Mario Zombie Killer
Mario Zombie KillerBowser army has turned into zombie after got affected by the virus. The army became more powerful after turning into zombie. Mario and Sonic will have to fight the zombie army with every weapon that they have. Help them to defense their base against the zombie attack.
Smash Bros Avenger
Smash Bros AvengerMario called up all his friend Sonic,Donkey Kong,Princess,Yoshi and Toad to fight back the enemies. Each character has its own unique ability. Use each ability wisely to build up a strong defense line and drive the enemies back home.
Mario Tower Defense
Mario Tower DefenseMario and his friends Luigi, Princess, Toad and Yoshi have once again put on their armour and weapons and set up a defence line against the invasion. Defend the castle by defeating all of the army sent by the big evil Bowser.
Attack of the Johnnies
Attack of the JohnniesDo you remember Johnny the Inventor? Here you must build powerful defense towers to protect your information from the invaders! It's very hard.
Mario Bee Defense
Mario Bee DefenseThe bee is coming to mario garden in a large group tending to attack the flowers in the garden. Mario has no choice but transform himself into a bee with a gun. Help mario shoot down all the bee that is attacking the garden. Watch out for the Bee queen.
Super Mario Defense
Super Mario DefenseKill as many monsters as possible in each level.
Alien Hominid
Alien HominidU.S. air defenses shot down a UFO aliens, which is then made ??an emergency landing in New York City. You control an alien who has to shoot from the CIA.
Pearl Harbour Defense 1941
Pearl Harbour Defense 1941On the morning of Sunday, December 7, 1941, The attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise military strike conducted by the Japanese navy against the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor. When fire you must pay attention to calculate the bullet's lead, then you can shoot enemy airplane accurately; the bullet may also disturb the enemy airplanes, enables the enemy airplanes difficult to aim fire.