Dream Games

Ýce Cream Park Shop
Ýce Cream Park ShopYou are running an ice cream shop near a park, where you will have to sell ice cream and juice to kids. Whenever a kid demands an ice dream, juice or milk shake, you will have to prepare and serve them.
Dream Date Dress Up Girl Style
Dream Date Dress Up Girl StyleMemorize your date's dream-girl style, then do a total makeover that's sure to dazzle him. His tastes change fast, so pay attention and style yourself accordingly! The better your memory, the more dates you'll score with this choosy cutie.
Spiderman World Journey
Spiderman World JourneySpiderman loves travelling around the world.Help him finish his dream.The farther him goes the more points you get.
Cutis Dinner
Cutis DinnerGet ready to build your own dream restaurant once again! Cutis Dinner, based on the cutis comic character, is a colorfull and funny cook and serve game, in which you have to make your guests happy, and build your own restaurant empire.
I Am A Hero
I Am A HeroI am a boy and I always dream of becoming a hero. I will use my super power to protect my family, my neighbors and also my girl-friend from bad people and disasters. I will do anything to make my dream come true.
Dream Day Wedding
Dream Day WeddingA romantic seek-and-find adventure featuring beautiful graphics and unique puzzle games. Visit the florist, gown shop, bakery, and other shops to make Jenny's wedding day a dream! But be warned! The challenging Wedding Crisis levels are sure to throw you for a loop! Can you make Jenny's Dream Day Wedding happen?
Dream Princess Wedding Dress Up
Dream Princess Wedding Dress UpPrincess Sofia is busy trying on all these beautiful wedding gowns and accessories. Which dress looks best on her? Does it match with the veil, bouquet, and shoes? Please give her some suggestions and make her the most gorgeous bride ever!
The Pizza Point
The Pizza PointYou have dreamt of this day your entire life, and now the day has finally arrived, you get to run and work in your very own pizza shop, The Pizza Point, what a name, what a place, can you bring in the customers and keep them happy, meeting the needs of the people around you?
Mini car racer
Mini car racerUp/Down = Accelerate & Reverse Left/Right = Lean Back & Forward X = Nitro Space = Jump Race through each checkpoint, pulling stunts to boost your score and unlock special design options for your dream car.
Model Dream Factory
Model Dream FactoryYou are one of the best stylist in the fashion industry and every new model is coming to your salon to get a makeover and become a perfect fashion model. You are the one makeing them up, doing their hair and dress them up in the perfect outfit than bring them in front of the judges panel. The work si not easy as more and more girls are aspiring to become the next top model so that you have a lot of work. Try to work fast and offer each model what makes them happy. Choose the hairstyle and make up that makes them smile and keep them pleased.
The Princess Bride Dress Up
The Princess Bride Dress UpThis girl is getting ready for her wedding day, a moment she wishes to be just like in her dreams. Everything should be perfect and she must look like a princess from the fairy tales. Be her special stylist and fashion adviser and give the future bride a helping hand on preparing for the wedding. Check out all those princess wedding gowns and accessories and pick up your favorites to dress her up with style.
Frenzy Clinic
Frenzy ClinicMegan just opened her new Clinic, this is her childhood dreams coming to life. work with Megan helping the patients on their different problems in 10 days. use your earnings to hire specialist doctors, and upgrade your equipments.
Dreams Differences
Dreams DifferencesYour goal is to spot 5 differences in each of the pictures to proceed to the next level.
My Dream Bridesmaid Look Dess Up
My Dream Bridesmaid Look Dess UpPlay this fun bridesmaid gowns dress up game and create your dream bridesmaid look. You need to take some factors into consideration when you choose your gown like: you need to complement your friend's bridal gown, fit in with the theme of the wedding, compliment the other bridesmaids.
Beautiful Wedding
Beautiful WeddingEnjoy this beautiful wedding at the sea on a lovely cruise of the Carribean. The sun is shining, a rainbow has formed, and the man of your dreams is on his knees and ready to put the ring on your finger.
Looney Tunes Behold the Wizard
Looney Tunes Behold the WizardThis Looney Tunes game sends Daffy Duck the Wizard in search of the ultimate magic power of Celestia. Daffy goes on a flight of fantasy where he dreams of wielding incredible magical power on a quest to overcome tremendous foes, including the monstrous Garlon.
Wedding Of My Dreams
Wedding Of My DreamsPick the cutest couple and give them the wedding of your dreams. Pick the tuxedos, wedding dress, the venue and even decorate the venue!
Nightmare Run
Nightmare RunThis baby needs your help as he is having a bad dream, his cuddly toys have turned on him and are out to get him, make sure you take them out. Upgrade your weapons and make sure to use those grenades.
Fish Dream
Fish DreamOur fine finned friends can be finicky about their fishbowls!
Dreamy Nails Makeover
Dreamy Nails MakeoverYou can decorate your nails in all kinds of different colors and patterns. Also, you can choose from rings and bracelets so your hands are the prettiest.
Monkey Diner
Monkey DinerAfter 4 years of hard studying, you need a . But your study was so expensive that you are out of money. You need to work in a restaurant to chaise your dream. Work yourself up in the restaurant business to earn more money for your vacation.
Ninas Pizza Restaurant
Ninas Pizza RestaurantNina has just opened her own pizza restaurant. It has always been her dream to open her own shop ever since she had her first slice of pizza. Today is the grand opening of her pizza shop, many people have come to show support and try her pizza! Make sure everyone gets their food in the timely manner.
Barbie Pet Doctor
Barbie Pet DoctorBarbie adores animals and because of that she has always dreamed of becoming a pet doctor. Now that her dream has come true and she has opened her own fancy vet cabinet, Barbie needs to put together her pet doctor uniforms and outfits. How about being the personal fashion assistant of Barbie Pet Doctor, girls? While Barbie attends the cute kitties, puppies and other pets in her vet cabinet, you design the vet uniforms which Barbie will wear at her cabinet. Dress Barbie in chic and stylish pet doctor outfits combining the tops and overtops from her vet dressing with a pretty skirt or pants, a fancy pet doctor cap, chic earrings and don't forget to accessorize each outfit with the necessary pet doctor gadget.
Nip Dream Dress Up 2
Nip Dream Dress Up 2Try all these pink, purple, red outfits with cute candy prints, and accessorize them with some beautiful bows, bags, earrings and necklaces. Enjoy the sweetness, the color and the beauty of this land!
Dreamy Wedding
Dreamy WeddingWhat a better day to get married than Valentines? Dress Up amazingly the cute Jenny for her wedding! Help her by selecting the style of her hair, her dress, the veil, the bouquet, her cake and everything is needed to have a perfect wedding!
Nip Dream Dress Up
Nip Dream Dress UpTry all these pink, purple, red outfits with cute candy prints, and accessorize them with some beautiful bows, bags, earrings and necklaces. Enjoy the sweetness, the color and the beauty of this land!
Flip Flop Cake
Flip Flop CakeThis time you are in for a special treat. During the summer everybody is using flip flops and we thought you might like to create a cake using these summer so called shoes for base. So, you have the chance to make something unique and delicious in the same time. Let your imagination go crazy and decorate this cake like in your dreams!
Dreamy Dishes Honey Chicken
Dreamy Dishes Honey ChickenHoney chicken is such a perfect dish that it is easy to make and fun to eat, my chef friends! Your friends will be amazed when they see the plates because they'll think that you've spent hours to prepare it.
So Dreamy Wedding
So Dreamy WeddingSo Dreamy Wedding: Katty is getting married tomorrow. You are her best friend and you must help her look amazing for this special day.
Dream like Wedding
Dream like WeddingThis pretty woman is getting ready for her wedding day but she's still confused with which gown to wear. Help her dress up and enjoy!
Dream Kitchen Makeover
Dream Kitchen MakeoverYou just moved into a new home, there is no kitchen installed in the house so this is your chance to come up with something you like. The beauty of this is you can simply choose how you want everything. Go through all the different kitchen items and choos
Figured Lady Dressup
Figured Lady DressupAre you fed up with your full-figured and on your diet to lose your weight? You can not put on your dreaming clothes and dresses for slender girls? Don't worry! These beautiful collection is designed for you.
Alice in Dreamland Dress Up
Alice in Dreamland Dress UpAlice is no longer in Wonderland!She can not wake up and is stuck in Dreamland. Help her dress up for her day out, maybe one day she will return to Wonderland?
Sweet Kiss Dress
Sweet Kiss DressThis cute girl is dating her dream boy tonight and she is ready for their first sweet kiss. How to surprise her boyfriend? Please help her dress up for this special date.
Dream Wedding
Dream WeddingEvery girl dreams to be a princess and we all know that the wedding day is when the girl is like a princess. Imagine you are the bride and dress her up choosing the most amazing bridal gown, veil, tiara and jewelries to match her dream look.
Crystal Winter Dream
Crystal Winter DreamIt's summer but Crystal yearns for winter. She dreams of being in the land of snow and ice. She wants to stroll in the snow and throw snowballs at her companions. Help her get dressed for the cold so she can go about doing what she wants
Princess Sarah Dress Up
Princess Sarah Dress UpSarah is a beautiful princess and she came from a big castle to give apples to some nice little squirrels. You can choose a nice outfit that every princess could dream.
So Dreamy Wedding Dress Up
So Dreamy Wedding Dress UpHelp her by selecting the style of her hair, her dress, the veil, the bouquet, her cake and everything is needed to have a perfect wedding!
Dream Wedding Dress Up
Dream Wedding Dress UpThis is a romantic and beautiful wedding. Sun, beach, sea, blue sky, everything looks perfect. If you can dress up the girl and boy, that would be wonderful.
My Dream Wedding Dress Up
My Dream Wedding Dress UpYou are the most famous wedding fashion advisor - it's up to you to make both the groom and the bride look their best. Pick the best clothes and turn the two newlyweds into the trendiest couple on Earth.
Dream Fairy Dress Up
Dream Fairy Dress UpIf you could dream up a fairy's style and fashionable outfit, what would it be? Use your fashion and styling skills to come up with a great outfit for this fairy!
Fairy princess Wedding
Fairy princess WeddingFairy princess lost in dreamland. She has a wedding in dream. Fairy princess in wedding. She want beautiful. Dress up Fairy princess so pretty girl. Everything looks perfect. Style the dreaming bride for her dream wedding. Please use the beautiful clothes in their wardrobes to dress them up.
Sweet Dreams Dress Up
Sweet Dreams Dress UpDress me up with new pajamas with a manga style.
Lovely Cheerleader Dress
Lovely Cheerleader DressIt has been your dream to be a part of the team since last year and here is the perfect chance! Do some practice with your friends at home because they are going to be selective this year! What are you going to wear to the tryouts? Try to pick out the most unique and awesome cheer-leading outfit!
Uptown Appeal DressUp
Uptown Appeal DressUpSo is Julia, a beautiful and very smart girl. She is aware that this dream requires some effort to look always gorgeous, and she goes to shopping every week and looking for special clothes. Lets take a look in her wardrobe for a little bit of inspiration.
Diva Dress Up
Diva Dress UpEvery girl dreams that she will become a diva one day. Roxanne is one of them, but her dream seems to fulfill. She needs your help to make her to shining on the red carpet.
First Dream Wedding
First Dream WeddingHere we have a girl who is going to be married and she really wants to have some great clothes for her wedding. There are a lot of people who are going to be there, maybe 100, so now is the time to find a good outfit.
Dreamer Dress Up
Dreamer Dress UpLost in her own world of music and merriment she styles herself to the beat and the bands floating through her chic and stylish headphones!
Shiny Dreams
Shiny DreamsWith style this fine, how could she not shine?
Dream Tattoo Girl
Dream Tattoo GirlDesign a very nice tattoo for this girl!