Journey Games

Diego Dinosaur Rescue
Diego Dinosaur RescueJoin Diego and his friends on a journey in the time of the dinosaurs to reunite a lost Maiasaura and her family.
Spiderman World Journey
Spiderman World JourneySpiderman loves travelling around the world.Help him finish his dream.The farther him goes the more points you get.
Horrid Henry
Horrid HenryHelp Horrid Henry on his childish journey in this house!
Thomas The Tank Engine
Thomas The Tank EngineThomas is off on another one of his railway journeys, this time he needs to get the paint in his trailer to the destination, use the mouse to control the speed of Thomas, and dont forget to try the horn out!
Scooby Doo Spooky
Scooby Doo SpookyScooby is on another adventure, and needs to get himself in the mood for the journey, select the clothing to match the adventure you think he might be going on next, will he be raiding the pyramids or will he be searching caves or even looking for the Loch Ness monster, or ghouls in a haunted house?
One Piece Gallant Fighter
One Piece Gallant FighterWASD keys to move. J to punch. K to jump. L to kick. UIO for special skills. “Do you want my treasure?It will be yours as long as you can get it!”Gold D Roger’s words made boys all hot-headed and flush to the sea! Luffy is one of them. He have to go through many difficulties to become One Piece.His journey has just begun.
Dora Saves The Prince
Dora Saves The PrinceJoin Dora and her friends on a journey to rescue the Snow Princess and save the Snowy Forest.
Mushus Rocket Rush
Mushus Rocket RushWhat do say a journey on Disney Land? Try to throw the dragon as far as you can. Left Arrow Key - Stretch the sling. Right Arrow Key - Launch Mushu. Up / Down Arrow Key - Steer.
Gretel And Hansel 2
Gretel And Hansel 2Arrows keys and W,A,S,D to move gretel. Mouse key to click on action bubbles. Space bar swings stick once it is found. The story continues! Journey deep into the woods to find your way home... or somewhere else.
Ben 10 Xtreme Truck
Ben 10 Xtreme TruckHelp ben 10 drive the truck home in this long journey where roads are full of monster. Use the truck to kill them on the way and collect enough green gem to reveal other characters.
Mario Journey
Mario JourneyStay alive as Mario as you jump on narrow blocks and over enemies as you reach the exits.
Dune Bashing
Dune BashingTake this challenging journey through the massive sand dunes of Dubai riding a quad bike and try to complete all the levels.
Peter the Penguin
Peter the PenguinOh my god! The global warming is speeding up like a rocket so help Peter the Penguin to stop it.Use your point and click skills to lead Peter on his journey through the Antarctica and save the mankind - it's in you hands so good luck!
Mapamond Journey
Mapamond JourneyThe Journery starts in Egypt and continutes to China, then Russia and finally: America. The game has 4 levels and each and every one of them takes place in another country. On your vacation there may be some obstacles or bonuses depending on your behave.
Pokemon Catch Journey
Pokemon Catch JourneyAsh is on a mission to catch as much pokemon as much. He is driving his truck out in the forest to catch all kind of pokemon and drive back to professor Oak lab. Use the correct pokeball to catch each pokemon.
Sonic Truck 2
Sonic Truck 2Sonic is out on another truck journey, collecting those famous golden rings.
Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner
Thanksgiving Turkey DinnerYour goal is to destroy the evil emperor.Collect money and defeat the enemies on your journey.