Night Games

Night Furys Feeding Time
Night Furys Feeding Time Based on the successful movie, take care of your dragon and become an official dragon trainer.
Tom and Jerry Midnight Snack
Tom and Jerry Midnight Snack Tom and Jerry Midnight Snack
Batman Knight Rider
Batman Knight Rider A Thrilling adventure with Batman - The Knight Rider. Select your bike, cross the obstacles and collect batman gadgets to earn points. Buy your bike at the store to upgrade your skills. Exciting levels to complete with unlimited fun!
The Knight Rider
The Knight Rider Select your bike, cross the obstacles and collect batman gadgets to earn points. Buy your bike at the store to upgrade your skills.
Batman Night Sky Defender
Batman Night Sky Defender Help Batman re-charge his wings! Use the arrow keys to move around the sky. Dodge the obstacles & Collect power ups. Watch out for the Penguin!
Batman Night Escape
Batman Night Escape Batman is in trouble in the streets of Gotham City and needs your help to guide him on his way.
Sonic Tails Nightmare
Sonic Tails Nightmare Tails is stuck in this nightmare world, use his flying skills and agility in order to collect the coins and get out of this bad dream
Batman Heat of the Night
Batman Heat of the Night Chaos looms. Space pirate Kanjar Ro has created a device known as a "Thermotron" to accelerate global warming and ransom the Earth! Green Arrow has been investigating but is now caught! It is up to Batman to rescue Green Arrow so that, together, they can take down Kanjar Ro before it is too late.
Captain America Nightmare
Captain America Nightmare Play one of the Captain America Games and survive the nightmare by protecting your base and destroying your enemies.
Nightmare Athon
Nightmare Athon The real nightmare has started! Real zombies have attacked a screening of Zombocalypse 3D and now Mordecai and Ribgy are to protect the audience. Help them in their fight! Throw shot puts, discuses, and bombs as Mordecai or use Rigby's javelin to wipe out the zombie horde. Do not let them reach the audience!
Batman Gotham Dark Night
Batman Gotham Dark Night The Joker manages to blow up Gotham City's power plant and plunge the city into darkness once again. And now you have to help Batman defuse all of the Joker's bombs in every level of the power plant to save Gotham City.
Daycare Nightmare
Daycare Nightmare You have to pay attention to their needs. For example, you may need to change their diapers or put them in a high chair to feed them.
Date Night Disaster
Date Night Disaster Help the lady for makeup during his date with the gentleman.
Armadillo 3
Armadillo 3 You're a Knight of Serenity and you must save the city of evil creatures. Use arrows to move, press X to get rid of discussions with friends and key space to attack.
Super Mario Fright Night
Super Mario Fright Night Whuahaha, Mario this time you would not escape! Welcome to my Fright Night!
Unicorn Castle Decoration
Unicorn Castle Decoration Decorate a castle in the middle of the unicorn fields. There's magic in the air, and with fairies, dragons, and mythical creatures running around you're either going to need friends or knighted guardians to defend your beautiful castle!
Tails Nightmare
Tails Nightmare Tails is stuck in a nightmare world and Sonic the Hedgehog is no where to be seen! Help Tails escape by exploring each level and finding the exit. Get out of the nightmare as quick as possible and get back home!
SpongeBob Lost in Time
SpongeBob Lost in Time Play as SpongeBob or one of his friends and save the princess. Pick up your bonus before more enemies appear. The 2 best knights will compete against eachother in a tournament round to prove their worthiness! For 1 or 2 players Instructions : Player 1: Cursors to Move Enter - Special Power Player 2: S,E,F to Move
Scooby Doo Shaggys Midnight Snack
Scooby Doo Shaggys Midnight Snack Place the hand signals in the boxes where you want shaggy to turn to finish the level.
Stylish Date
Stylish Date Brittany has got a date planned with her boyfriend tonight, but it seems she needs a little help. Her hair is a mess and she wants it looking good.
Dora At Halloween Night
Dora At Halloween Night in the Halloween night, the village was cursed into demons. Dora wants to save all people from the curse. Can you help Dora adventure and rescue people in the night.
Ben 10 Halloween Night
Ben 10 Halloween Night It's halloween night and Ben 10 decided to go outside to collect pumpkins to cook a delicious cake for Gwen, but he will have to avoid many obstacles in his way! Let's help him. Arrow keys - To move. Mouse key - To rotate aim and shoot.
Regular Show Nightmare Athon
Regular Show Nightmare Athon Play this Regular Show Game with Rigby and Mordecai. When in a show real zombies are attacking people on the audience. Protect them.
Keira Knightley Makeover
Keira Knightley Makeover The “Pirates of the Caribbeans” beauty queen is waiting for you to give her a major celebrity beauty and fashion makeover, so show her what a skillful make up artist and talent fashion stylist you are! Play the Keira Knightley make up game and use the right eyeshadow, lipstick and blush colors to enhance her gorgeous features with, then decide whether a casual chic outfit or a jaw dropping, stylish evening gown would best complete her stunning celebrity look!
Saint Seiya Sort My Tiles
Saint Seiya Sort My Tiles Also known as Knights of the Zodiac, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada, and later adapted to anime. The story follows five mystical warriors called the "Saints" (or "Knights"; the kanji is properly read as "holy fighter" but the furigana has it pronounced "saint") who have adopted various constellations as their guardian symbols. The anime series won the Animage Anime Grand Prix prize in 1987, but was cancelled in 1989. In 2002, Toei produced Saint Seiya: Hades, which continued adapting the manga story arcs to animation that remained pending when the anime was canceled in 1989.
Night Driver
Night Driver Drive in the night keeping the car in the right side of the road to get more points, while you get more speed, you get more score.
Wandering Knight
Wandering Knight Wander the lands with your swift sword and magical might. Battle your foes with a skillful combination of swordsmanship and elemental combat spells.
Pretty Nighties
Pretty Nighties Charming Carolina invites you to visit, to show what she is made a beautiful renovation in the bedroom. Under the wallpaper she picked up the furniture and everything around overlaid with soft toys. Carolina also show you all the models nightgowns that sewed herself. They can not be distinguished from evening dresses.
Fire Spawn
Fire Spawn Play as an undefeatable knight and face a fierce dragon in the battle
Prom Night Makeup
Prom Night Makeup Girls are nervous, and therefore experience even because of things like makeup. Helped her apply makeup beautifully, to give strength and confidence in its irresistibility.
Night Race
Night Race Up / Down Arrow Keys - Move. Left / Right Arrow Keys - Tilt. Spacebar - Restart. Driving a motorbike around in the beautiful evening and midnight settings can result in quite cool visuals blasting off the screen. As always you objective is to try keep the bike on track without falling of the bike. Be careful with the wheels they can break off when they crash too hard!
Date Tonight Dress Up
Date Tonight Dress Up You are having a date with the guy of your dreams tonight. Choose the outfit you think will impress him the most! Don't look too conservative, but don't look too boring!
Regular Show All Nighter
Regular Show All Nighter Mordecai and Rigby have let the ancient Pop's fireflies loose. They have to gather them all before the night is over. Launch Rigby to catch the bugs and catch him when he falls! Beware of the crocodiles and other predators!
Nightmare Run
Nightmare Run This baby needs your help as he is having a bad dream, his cuddly toys have turned on him and are out to get him, make sure you take them out. Upgrade your weapons and make sure to use those grenades.
Super Mario Christma
Super Mario Christma It's the christmas night, Mario want to bring some gifts for princess. Help Mario finish the mission.
Car Eats Car 2
Car Eats Car 2 He’s a little car in a big, bad world full of nightmarish trucks. Can he find his way back home?
Girls Movie Night
Girls Movie Night Bella and Lisa are best girl friends. They always hang out together. Tonight they bring several great movies and lots of snacks home and want to have a movie night. Would you like to join the girls movie night? You can talk about fashion and style with them! Enjoy this fashion dress up game!
Bratz Prom Night
Bratz Prom Night Bratz is about to go to her Prom, help her choose her best cloths for the big night.
Nightmare On Pink Street
Nightmare On Pink Street Reach a piece of clothing to save your progress. Reclaim your bike to unlock the high-score drive mode.
Foot Fashion Show
Foot Fashion Show Michelle is a famous shoe model. Tonight, she is going to a party to show the latest stylish shoes. Therefore, she should make her feet perfect. Help her get a pedicure to show her cute feet.
Grounded The wicked have invaded the KND headquarters. Help the kids next door solve the problem. Dig deep into the ground to find and destroy the cruel invaders monster turnips. Use the mouse to move, hold the mouse button to increase the coverage of your weapon, release the button to shoot..
Santa Claus Painting
Santa Claus Painting Cool! It's midnight and Santa is at our house leaving some gifts.
Night Ryder
Night Ryder Ride your bike at 200 mph in this cool motorbike game. Finish the level as fast as possible and gain as many points as you can.
Prom Night Fashion
Prom Night Fashion Ashley is eager to wear her prom clothes as she is short listed to contest to be the prom queen. Not to be usual her school management has organised the prom night at the backyard of a star hotel.
Keira Knightley Celebrity Makeover
Keira Knightley Celebrity Makeover Give Keira Knightley the best makeover shes ever had in her life, with a bit of luck she will be a regular for you, that can only happen if you make her look stunning for the cameras.
DJ Girl Dress Up
DJ Girl Dress Up Right now Alesya is getting ready for tonight when will takes place a spectacular show in the biggest club in the city. For that she needs a special and original look with trendy and club clothes and accessories. Give her too a chic hairstyle and make sure she is the most beautiful dj in the world!
Talladega Nights
Talladega Nights Drive as the infamous Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights, the racing flash game!
Survive The Night
Survive The Night You will have to fight for the life that impinge on inmates night game Survive The Night! Take a ride on a gloomy cemetery destroying evil monster truck wheels on which way you will meet hundreds. Control with the arrow keys, nitro - a space.
Night Ryder 2
Night Ryder 2 Your goal is to drive and collect golds for bonus points.
Night Racer
Night Racer Ride your bike in the silhouette world as you keep from tipping as you drive over the hilly terrain.
Prom Night Dress
Prom Night Dress t's time to choose a dress for your prom and as a kid this is one of the most important moments in your life.
New Years Kissing
New Years Kissing The new year is finally here and you have a chance to spend it with someone special. The party is counting down and it is almost time for your midnight kiss.
Nightmare before Christmas
Nightmare before Christmas Control with the arrow keys on your keyboard.
Grims Downfall
Grims Downfall Grim has lost his scythe and his punishment is a nightmare of endlessly falling through the air. While falling collect the coins, they will give you energy to fight different monsters. Fight the monsters and receive extra energy.
Katrina Midnight Burger
Katrina Midnight Burger Help Katrina prepare and serve custom burgers to undead zombies and vampires that wander through her midnight restaurant. Make sure to get their orders right or you'll break their ghoulish hearts!
Keira Knightley Dress Up
Keira Knightley Dress Up Keira Knightley is an English film actress. She began her career as a child and came to international prominence in 23 after co-starring in the films Bend It Like Beckham and the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.
Girls Fabulous Night Out
Girls Fabulous Night Out Help these girls choose their looks from hairstyle to clothes and even sunglasses so they??re good to go for their fabulous night
Office Party Night Dressup
Office Party Night Dressup In this fun game you will be choosing all three outfits for 3 occasions today. The first outfit will be for your day at work, the next will be for the party after work then finally you will need an outfit for going out later on tonight with your boy frien.
Enchanted Summe Fairy
Enchanted Summe Fairy Summer fairy Alice loves beautiful summer nights, dark skies, numberless stars and the round moon. Dress her up, choose a pretty dress, faddish hairstyle and beautiful accessories.
Shining At Night Dressup
Shining At Night Dressup Like a Star, you have to shine if you wish others would be able to see you.
Fashion dress up at night
Fashion dress up at night You have been invited at the Oscars night. You are the Star of the moment. All the papparazis are looking for you and want to take picture of you on the red carpet in front of your limosine.
Wicked Midnight Coloring Fashion
Wicked Midnight Coloring Fashion Eva loves to fly through the night sky on her magical broom. She loves to be the center of attention, but needs a fashion style worthy of competing with the glamour of the stars.
Halloween Night Dressup
Halloween Night Dressup Dress up this witch for Halloween night with these clothes and accessories!
Nip Dress Up 8
Nip Dress Up 8 She's got the garb for every event, whether it's a movie preview, award ceremony, or a nightclub!
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