Rescue Games

Spiderman Spiderman , this time you must rescue Mary Jane from Venom! Spiderman must swing from building to building in real Spiderman style, the fun of Spiderman continues in this release.
Diego Great Jaguar Rescue
Diego Great Jaguar Rescue Help these heroes navigate the pyramid, rainforest, and town and dig, jump, or get water, too.
Toy Story Woody To The Rescue
Toy Story Woody To The Rescue Left/Right - Swing Space - Release the lasso. Rex has imprisoned Bo Peep in a tower! Help Woody swing over to Bo Peep's Window to save her and win her heart!
Zombies Tractor
Zombies Tractor Zombies Rescue others from White Huge Bears with action truck cars
Power Rangers Dino Thunder  Red Hot Rescue
Power Rangers Dino Thunder Red Hot Rescue Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move. Up Arrow Key - Jump. Down Arrow Key - Duck. Spacebar - Power Ranger moves. CTRL Key - Switch between Rangers. X - Special Ability. It is up to the power rangers to save the day from evil. Fight through different levels and choose from different power rangers.
Tractor Mater Rescue
Tractor Mater Rescue Lightning Mcqueen has run off the dirt track while trying to go round a corner at high speed... again! Help Mater aim and launch his tow cable so that he can haul McQueen back onto the track.
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Rescue
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Rescue The aliens that have landed on earth were not welcomed with the red carpet, instead they were captured and taken to a secret base. You must help them escape it and on the way collect whatever you find valuable. Stay away from the turrets and defeat your enemies.
Diego Arctic Rescue
Diego Arctic Rescue Bring along your knowledge of shapes, colors, and animals as you race across the arctic with Diego to rescue lost baby polar bears!
Ben 10 Ben To The Rescue
Ben 10 Ben To The Rescue In this game some bad guy kidnaps Gwen and Ben tries to rescue her. The game has 4 stages. In each stage Ben turns into a different alien and has a different task.
Diego Railroad Rescue
Diego Railroad Rescue In this Diego game he is going to save some animals with the help of train. There are many wagons on the train and you must pick the right one in which to place all the animals. Each of the wagons will have a number and an animal symbol on it. Guided by these clues you must choose the correct one and rescue all the animals
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Master splinter has been kidnapped! Go to Shredders lair, defeat him and rescue splinter. Collect the destabilizer pieces at the end of each level to gain access to the lair. Space bar- Attack. Shift key- Block. CTRL key Switch Turtle.
Batman Ultimate Rescue
Batman Ultimate Rescue Bat man's fellow crime fighters have been captured! He needs to use his grapnel gun to rescue them from criminals on the ground. If you save enough of Batman's friends, you'll go to the next level, but watch out for the criminals and their deadly bombs! Use the Mouse to move left and right, and Click to grapnel down from the top of the building!
Diego Dinosaur Rescue
Diego Dinosaur Rescue Join Diego and his friends on a journey in the time of the dinosaurs to reunite a lost Maiasaura and her family.
Speedys Pyramid Rescue
Speedys Pyramid Rescue Up Arrow Key - Jump. Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move. A - Drop Anvil. Spacebar - Throw or Drop Red Peppers. Collapse each pyramid by activating all blocks.
Scooby Doo Over Board
Scooby Doo Over Board Shaggy is stranded and Scooby Doo must rescue his best pal.
Diego African Offroad Rescue
Diego African Offroad Rescue Your little thrill seeker will go bananas for Diego's off-roading game. Drive the rescue truck and save animals that have been turned to.
Spiderman Rescue Mary Jane
Spiderman Rescue Mary Jane Help Spiderman reach Mary Jane in time by swinging across the building tops. Arrow key left - Move left. Arrow key right - Move right. Arrow key up - Climb up. Arrow key down- Climb down. Space bar- Jump.
Batman Gorilla Grodd Barrels of Peril
Batman Gorilla Grodd Barrels of Peril Batman needs your help! Gorilla Grodd has captured Batman's crime-fighting team. Grab all the Batarangs to build an arsenal you can use to defeat Grodd. Then you can rescue your fellow heroes.
Diego Safari Rescue
Diego Safari Rescue In this animal rescue game you are playing along with Diego and his new pet elephant. The big animal is very peaceful and eager to help. Whilst cruising down the road you must collect the animals hidden in the branches or other hard to spot places, but also you must click the obstacles that are in front of you on the road .
American Dragon High Risk Rescue
American Dragon High Risk Rescue American Dragon Flash online games
Diego Dino Flyer Rescue
Diego Dino Flyer Rescue In this fun Diego game he wants to rescue the last member of a dying species. The last Dino Flyer is a dragon and it is able to swim and fly. Help Diego ride his back and guide him through the hoops. Also on the way to salvation you must collect the golden coins in order to get a nice score shown on the top left .
Diego Snowboard Rescue
Diego Snowboard Rescue Diego and help him avoid obstacles. If you hit an obstacle, press the space bar to free him. When you reach a jump, hit the space bar so Diego can perform a sweet snowboarding trick.
Batman Heat of the Night
Batman Heat of the Night Chaos looms. Space pirate Kanjar Ro has created a device known as a "Thermotron" to accelerate global warming and ransom the Earth! Green Arrow has been investigating but is now caught! It is up to Batman to rescue Green Arrow so that, together, they can take down Kanjar Ro before it is too late.
Mario and Yoshi Adventure
Mario and Yoshi Adventure Mario and Yoshi is on an adventure to find the princess who has been lost in the dinosaur world. Find the way to rescue the princess by exploring the dinosaur world.
Diego Baby Zoo Rescue
Diego Baby Zoo Rescue Find the baby animal from the indian and bring it back through to the gate , compass will guide you to find the gate.
Mario Block Jump
Mario Block Jump Mario is once again try to find his way to reach and rescue the princess,but this time, the way to the princess is like a puzzle, he will have to solve the puzzle in order to get to the princess.
Woody to the Rescue
Woody to the Rescue Help Woody getting to the other side by jumping with the rope.
Diego Ultimate Rescue League
Diego Ultimate Rescue League Join Diego on Rescue Island and help him rescue some of the worlds baby animals who are hungry and lost! Can you help bring the baby animals back to their habitat?
Diego Artic Rescue
Diego Artic Rescue In this fun animal game, Diego is eager to help the animals from the south pole. In order to reach them, he has to cross over the icy river. Try not to make him fall into the freezing water by selecting only the shapes that you are shown in the display above. Both the shape and the colors must match so you know it is safe to land on it .
Avatar Boiling Rock Rescue
Avatar Boiling Rock Rescue It's the ultimate jailbreak! Help save prisoners of the evil Fire Nation
Mario Adventure 2
Mario Adventure 2 Mario is set out on his second adventure to defeat Bowser and rescue his princess.
Bolt to the Rescue
Bolt to the Rescue Help Bolt rescue Penny! Use your mouse to interact.
911 Rescue Team
911 Rescue Team 911 Rescue Team - When you call 911, we get there on the double
Spongebob Dutchmans Dash
Spongebob Dutchmans Dash Help spongebob to rescue gary who has been snailnapped. he is being held captive in the flying dutchmans lair.
High Risk Rescue
High Risk Rescue Continue moving upward in the game as you switch from boy to flying dragon to pass objects.
Diego Safari Memory
Diego Safari Memory Rescue and match all the hidden animals.
Rescue Lisa Simpson
Rescue Lisa Simpson Help bart simpson to rescue lisa simpson from the aliens.
Global Rescue 2
Global Rescue 2 Control : Arrow Keys - Navigate the Chopper.Spacebar -Lower the winch / to recoil.Z - drop chaff.C - Fire. Lives hack, fuel hack, quicker unload time, load up to 200 people in your chopper at once and larger bonus.
Pokemon Rescue
Pokemon Rescue Play as pikachu in this plat-former skill game, Reach the exit point without getting hit by other obstacles. Have Fun!
Mickey Rescue Donald
Mickey Rescue Donald Donald was kidnapped. As the best friend of Donald, Mickey decides to go though all barriers to rescue Donald. Arrow keys to move, Space to shoot.
Cars Mater Rescue
Cars Mater Rescue In this Cars games Lighting McQueen has run off the dirt track while trying to go round a corner at high speed... again!. Help Mater to rescue McQueen and get him back on the track.
Mario Friends Rescue
Mario Friends Rescue Mario friends are all spread out in the field, and mario will have to try to ways to reach his mario and bring them back. Helps Mario solve the puzzle and reach his friends Yoshi, Princess, Sonic, Lugi, Toad and Donkey Kong.
Third Rock Rescue
Third Rock Rescue Save all of the escaped aliens then rescue your classmates from the government operatives. Use your pulse blast to disable their vehicles and free your captured friends. Hover above friends and aliens to beam them aboard.
Sonic Gem Collector
Sonic Gem Collector Deliver the emerald to Sonic who has a banner above his head. Don't let the emerald or Rescue Ball touch the crab monster.
Scarlet Pumpernickel In Tower Rescue
Scarlet Pumpernickel In Tower Rescue Scarlet pumpernickel must save dame melissa from lord high chamberlain who has imprisoned her in a tower and wants her to marry lord sylvester.
Operation Rescue Kit
Operation Rescue Kit This new version of Operation includes more than just a new box that makes it more portable. Cavity Sam has some new ailments, including texting thumb and joystick wrist.
Powerpuff Girls The Townsvillains
Powerpuff Girls The Townsvillains Help the Power puffs shoot down all the obstacles and rescue Mayor!
Run Bolt Run
Run Bolt Run Hep Bolt Find and rescue his beloved owner Penny, Watch out for the bad guys and use your super powers to help him on his way.
Bolt Rescue Mission
Bolt Rescue Mission Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move. Up Arrow Key - Jump. Spacebar - Defuse a Bomb. Help Bolt defuse the bombs before they alert the Drone.
Buzz Lightyear Operation Alien Rescue
Buzz Lightyear Operation Alien Rescue Help Buzz rescue the LGM's before it is too late.Use the space bar and arrow keys to interact.
Diego Hermit Crab Rescue
Diego Hermit Crab Rescue With guidance from Diego, your kids will use the mouse to select the correct colors and patterns to create a matching shell. They'll even get to design their own unique shell for the last hermit crab, and print a copy to keep.
Armored Warrior the Big Rescue
Armored Warrior the Big Rescue Some children was kidnapped by monsters. The Armored Warriors will defeat those monsters through all the hardships to save the children. Game manual: A and D to move left or right. W to jump. S to crouch down. Left click to shoot. Aim with mouse. Number 1, 2, 3, 4 key or mouse wheel to switch weapons. P to pause the game.
Mountain Rescue Driver 2
Mountain Rescue Driver 2 Up / Down Arrow keys - To drive. Right / Left Arrow keys - Hydraulics. R - Restart. Control your rescue vehicle as you drive over the crazy terrian. Make it over gaps and physics boxes
Mario Plane Rescue
Mario Plane Rescue Mario's friends are fighting alone and they are in great danger. Prepare the counter attack and rescue all Mario's friends from being captured by Bowser. Rescue everyone in the air without being hit down by Bowser and his army. Use mouse to play and Unlock Achievements.
Mountain Rescue Driver
Mountain Rescue Driver Drive over obstacles as you control the hydralics of your rescue vehicle.
Toy Story Marbelous Mission
Toy Story Marbelous Mission Help Buzz Lightyear To Rescue The Aliens From Evil Emperor Zurg. Arrow keys to move, Spacebar to shoot.
Polar Rescue
Polar Rescue Penguin went to the rescue. Help him to collect snowballs and aim at them from a powerful gun. Overcome all obstacles and reaching the desired goal.
Global Rescue
Global Rescue Arrow Keys - Navigate the Chopper. Spacebar -Lower the winch / to recoil. Z - drop chaff. C - Fire. Your Mission is to wipe out enemy defence systems and successfully rescue all hostages.
Irene Hurricane Mission Rescue
Irene Hurricane Mission Rescue Rescue people and other animals from the destructive flood caused by the Irene hurricane. They are standing on the elevated surface, pull them up and save their life. Save them before the water level increases before they get drowned. Earn score by saving more lives or else you may lose the game.
Rescuer Helicopter
Rescuer Helicopter The game a rescue game, safe the peoples on the high mountain
Mountain Rescue Driver 3
Mountain Rescue Driver 3 Drive your Mountain Rescue truck as you launch bombs to clear your path, and reach new areas.
Wiggi Pet Rescue
Wiggi Pet Rescue Reflex based game based on knowledge of colors.
Neptune Buggy
Neptune Buggy Rescue the astronauts lost on Neptune by riding your space buggy on the planet. Be careful not to lose your balance.
Petz Rescue
Petz Rescue Answer the questions in Australia, click to rescue the endangered animals on Baja Beach, and get the panda across the busy road in China
Helicopter Rescue
Helicopter Rescue Control your helicopter to rescue the people in danger.
Bee Jungle Airplane
Bee Jungle Airplane Fight all enemies along the way and rescue all animals. Interact with your arrow keys and space bar to shoot.
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